And you thought there was no such place…With the way the economy is today, there had to be…


How many times have we been ‘up there without one!’  Now we know where we can go to get one.
I wonder if franchising is an option? May have to open one near me…lol


I’m going to follow Heide’s lead on this one, and add some fun to the blog world.

As a tribute to one that used to have my son RUNNING through the house to sing and dance along, I’ve included an old favorite that even the local radio station has adopted. My favorite country music station in Green Bay uses it to get everyone in the listening area fired up for the last work day of the week – Friday! It’s a catchy little tune. Listen and enjoy. I’m adding another oldie after this one…see if you know or remember any of these. = )

Here’s another one along the same lines for you…

And one last moldy oldy favorite of mine …lol…Have a GREAT day!!

Last nights weather brought about a very unwelcome and rude awakening to eastern Wisconsin. We had been plagued overnight for the first time this year with freezing rain. According to the local weather/tv station, with anywhere from a 1/10″ to 1/4″ of the nasty stuff depending on your location. Ours seems to be about a 1/8″ thick. Here’s a piece he brought in to show the kids whenever they get up.  

Ice off of the truck

Ice off of the truck

Poor Mike…he spread salt between the garage and the pick-up, ventured out to warm up the truck (which had been plugged in all night), came back in and waited…..and waited…..and waited some more. He went out again about halfway thru the thawing process only to discover that even though the salt had done what it was supposed to, the ice  had already refrozen and he dang near slid all the way to the bottom of the driveway just trying to get to the truck. 000_08191000_0818 Thank heavens he didn’t fall!

These are solid sheets of ice on the driveway and sidewalk, NOT frost as it appears to be in the pictures. 

I think he waited 20 minutes or better for the truck to thaw.  He’s NEVER been late for work , but  actually had to call in late, due to the ice.

If you look real close at my outdoor fireplace, you can see the thick layer of nastyness.000_0820

And outside the neighborhood,  across the rest of the state…here’s what drivers had to look forward to dealing with…I hope the weather is ice free where ever you are.


Hopefully you all had an nice transition into the new year. I’d like to do something this year that I haven’t been able to do for a while. Welcome in the New Year with open & HEALTHY arms! I will try resolve to blog more, finish my UFO’s, be a better friend and take better care of myself.

I found the following on the internet this morning and thought I’d share it with you. I think of horoscopes as a novelty to read, nothing more. I rarely ever read them, but someone seems to think they can predict the entire year for me so I was intrigued to read on. Here’s what I read:

Scorpio Forecast for 2009

Release the past’s hold on you

By Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer*
Provided by Tarot.com

Personalized 2009 Predictions

2009 Big Picture Forecast


Master astrologers Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine reveal how your stars align in 2009.

A custom Big Picture Astrology Forecast offers in-depth advice about:

  • Love & relationships
  • Opportunities
  • Challenges
  • And more! 
  • This is a year for you to dissolve painful links with the past. Forgiving yourself and your family members for any past mistakes will pave the way to a brighter future. A rare series of conjunctions among generous Jupiter, idealistic Neptune and healing Chiron in eye-opening Aquarius illuminates your 4th House of Roots to expand your base and fuel visions of a better tomorrow. Loosen the emotional grip of old wounds by broadening your horizons and recognizing that you have access to much more than your current individual resources. You are connected to all humanity and filled with potential beyond your personal limitations that can benefit everyone. Life’s challenges do not disappear, but you’ll be able to see them from a much wider perspective, opening more options for you to meet them. There are useful answers to be found, even in your darkest moments. It’s better to err on the side of optimism than to permit habitual cynicism or self-doubt to choke off your dreams before they can be realized.
    I do agree that the statement in bold print could be a good one for all to take into consideration. It’s been a tough year emotionally and finacially for everyone around the world.  I’ve included the link below so you too can enjoy the novelty of this. Who knows….Maybe it’ll make you smile again after 2008!
    Have a great day & Happy New Year everyone!!!
  • Start My Forecast

    Tiz a beautiful day in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood!

    fallen leaves


    rustling in the warm summer breeze on a fall day.


    The leaves are changing from green

    to various other colors

    as you will see in the pictures I took yesterday.

    What more could one want besides a good cup of coffee, a good book or maybe some knitting =)

    (Today it’s 58* degrees outside and grey – go figure! I guess the fall weather had to come sooner or later.)

    Most have echoed my sediments when it comes to the Olympic Games this year…The only part of it I approve of is the support of the USA Athletes that are competing against the world. May all your hard work leave you with cherished memories and a GOLD medal too!  🙂  GO USA!!!

    As far as our athletes getting off the plane with dust masks on and having to apologize to the Chinese…I don’t think so. You should be embarrassed about the smog, and no apology should be given. Our athletes are only thinking of their health and well being as you would do if the games were here and so was the smog.  You can’t expect them not to be!

    I’d like to join in the words around the blogs today:

    “None of us are free until ALL of us are free”

    and that includes fresh air too!


    ***PS….as of 8/1/08 I’m all done with Chemo & Radiation, and I’m hoping the radiation burns on my chest will heal soon and fast ’cause they do HURT! BAD!!


    We’ve all heard the old saying about a “red sunrise” being bad news for sailors,

    but what about for those of us that don’t sail?

    We wake up to a beautiful sunrise like this one early on a Sunday morning….


    But, low and behold, even with mini-blinds and trophies to welcome the morning sun – here’s

    the “look” that you don’t see. It is a difficult picture, so let me help you after you check it out.

    Sunday morning actual weather!

    Yes, this was taken at 7:31 am this morning. Yes, it does say -9.9* F. Yes, up and to the right in the circle that is 22 mph wind speed. And yes, where you can barely read below that it says wind chill. What is even harder to see is the – 36*F next to the words ‘Wind Chill’. The highest gust of wind so far for the day was 41 mph.  Our lowest temp so far has been -10*F with a high of 2*F. These readings were taken at the airport which is about 6 miles from our house. The only difference being there are no trees near the airport to slow the wind down like we have here, but they’re pretty close to accurate.

    So – not only should the sailors who are crazy enough to be out on Lake Winnebago sturgeon (ice) fishing take warning, but any other person who may be in Wisconsin today. The wind chills are dangerously cold and we’ve all been advised to enjoy the sun from inside where our skin will stay frostbite free.

    Have a great day!!!